Sex massage in Ibiza

Sex massage means there is a combination or a blending of two different kinds of bodywork.

Do you wish to call us "escorts"? Then check our straight forward Ibiza escorts content.

Or call it sex massage and go on reading!

Easy sex massage Ibiza

So now you are in Ibiza you are just one call from having it: this combination of Tantra en extremely sexy eroticism is the result of an amazing experience that goes beyond that regular and dull therapy massage.

Choose Camilla!

Camilla is a young and very passionate sexy lady. She is very expert in all kinds of erotic massages. Call and ask about her!

Camilla has some amazingly sexy friends though!

Please call and ask us how many and who is available for a given appointment.

Sex massage is the hottest Tantra bodywork

Yes we go the hottest side of Tantra massage in Ibiza: taking you to a sensual and erotic sweet journey towards a very intimate state of mind and body. The hottest, the spiciest!

Get naked!

You know what a therapy massage is about. Now get totally naked and let us young sexy ladies touch your whole body. Not just your back or your hands. Welcome to an extremely spicy sexual massage!

Sex massage is full body naked massage

We will massage your feet, legs, inside your legs, your testicles, your buttocks and also your penis. This is what we call "lingam massage". In other words, it is a sex massage that can take you to climax.

Erotic sex massage: more than using just our hands

Do we just use our hands? Hell no! We use all of our bodies!

What is sex massage Ibiza

Sex massage means we use all of our bodies to perform the hottest body to body or nuru-massage. We had to undergo a very specific training. It's easy to be the best if you are the only. And we are the EXCELLENT massage service in Ibiza. Just check our testimonials.

Oral sex?

Please call us personally if you wish to discuss specific limits.

We also do use our breasts for a long time on top of your body in the hottest extremely erotic massage.

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Sex massage Ibiza