Sensual massage in Ibiza

Sensual massage is a very intimate yet extremely exciting style of bodywork.

We can offer you different prices for different massage sessions though!

 Go on reading if you want the learn the details of our sensual massage Ibiza!

Body to body communication

A sensual experience is about some close body to body contact.

We master all these erotic tricks to turn you on.

We'd like to give you an extremely exciting experience.

So we are going to use tantric massage grips and Oriental massage tricks to deliver this amazingly hot experience!

Choose your lady!

We are a team of very young erotic masseuses in Ibiza.

Camilla is this extremely passionate lady. She is has an amazing expertise in all kinds of sensual massages. Call and ask about her!

Though Camilla is not alone! She has some amazingly sexy friends as Helen, Jennifer and Cynthia!

Please call and ask us how many and who is available for a given appointment.

Get naked!

You probably know everything about therapy massages.

The bodywork we are offering you is going far beyond that though!

Now get naked and join us to an amazing journey to intimacy and spice!

Sensual massage styles

We will work on your whole body. So we will be working not only your feet and back.

We will also touch inside your legs, your testicles, your buttocks and... your penis! This is what we call "lingam massage".

No guess how far we can go!

Sensual sex massage: more than just using the hands

We absolutely go beyond hand-jobs.

We know how to use or feet to deliver this ecstatic foot job! Did you ever try it?

We use all of our bodies!

We also do use our breasts to engage in a really extended time on top of your body. This is one special feature of our hottest extremely erotic massage!

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Sensual massage Ibiza