Ibiza testimonials

We are earning some amazing testimonials and reviews! Right since we first started serving erotic out-call massage in Ibiza!

Camilla always!

"It's now five years that I'm always calling Camilla. Her performance has been improving since we now know each other better and better. But she has been amazing from the start! She is my all time favorite in Ibiza!"

Low cost is dangerous

"While I decided to hire Camilla, my friend chose a really cheap lady. The next week he found out he had picked some nasty STD! I guess that safety and good health also have a price!"

Mey is a-Mey-zing!

"This lady knows how to turn me on with her jaw-dropping performance! Professional and really hot! Besides, I love her Asian looks!"

Hot Camilla

"This lady is a fantastic discovering! Massage is like a joke to her. Terribly sexy and expert. Eroticism flows naturally from her skin".

Discovering Sol

"Sol is new in Ibiza this year. I know because I am using your service since 2011. I am very happy to have this new option. She is a very experienced and intuitive erotic masseuse".

Our couples massage with Olivia

"We both absolutely loved her! Olivia masters couples with her intuitive wisdom, pleasing us both together at the same time. This was a nice and unforgettable game. We want her again next year!"

Expert Samantha

"This lady is so cheerful! So sweet! I was reluctant to hire her because she is so young. I want her back again soon though!"

Playboy Pamela

I couldn't believe this lady is an actual Playmate model. Indeed she is. She was absolutely astonishing. Thank you for suggesting her to me!"

"Lucía y el sexo"

"My Spanish friend told me her name was used on this Spanish movie. Well she is a real story about passion!"

Luna is my dream girl

"Call it love at first sight! I knew she is my girl just by seeing her pictures. It was hard to me to be face down for the first half of the time. Luna was wonderful to see and wonderful to feel on my skin".

Marlenne new lady

"Marlenne just comes up with all you promise about her talents. Jaw-dropping massage!"

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