Ibiza sex massage

What is sex massage in Ibiza

Sex massage is the hottest kind of erotic massage.

It obviously includes massaging your sex, call it dick, penis or lingam massage.

Sex massage and lingam massage

Lingam massage is a relevant part of Tantric massage. We master the hottest grips to take you to an amazing sexual excitement. And you will enjoy it for a long long long session!

Body to body sex massage

Sex massages includes the most intimate body to body massage, a really hot moment you can enjoy for 60, 75, 90 or 120 minutes.

Climaxing twice

For the sessions longer than 75 minutes you'll be able to climax twice! Or even more! We can make you achieve different kinds of orgasms because we master the Tantra techniques.

Massage prices

Is sex massage sex?

Sex massage is the closest you can get to sex in a massage. Please call us to discuss if you wish it to include oral sex and penetration.

Our job is hotter and lasts much longer than the plain fu** escorts perform.

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Highest sexual stimulation

Our sex massage is meant to take a least one hour. Now imagine the sexual stimulation you'll achieve. And you are not able right now to imagine how powerful your climax will be!

See you in Ibiza!

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