Ibiza erotic massage

Let's start step by step!

What is erotic massage?

Erotic massage is a special bodywork.

Some gentlemen call it "foreplay".

Because many couples use it instinctively as a way to warm up before having sex.

Massage is always a pleasure!

Though when massage is "erotic" it is much more!

Professional erotic massage

Now take yourself as the best example. You are a professional. You have been studying and training to achieve the highest performance of your job. Whatever your industry, you know you need wisdom and training to excel.

 You know there is a huge difference between being a professional and an impostor.

All of us are true erotic masseuses. This means we master therapy massages and erotic massage as well!

Not every therapist has the talent to perform erotic massage though!

The first condition is having the calling and also the will to offer this bodywork. Since it is some very intimate job.

Ibiza erotic massage

Ibiza is a very popular island. But it is crowded only during the Summer!

 Seasonal locations though have a dangerous side effect: they attract many impostors. People that pretend to make lots of money in a short time.

This is not us! Some of us are living in Ibiza the whole year. Some others work in Barcelona or Madrid during the Winter.

On of our most relevant goals is serving the best experience.

Check the massage prices here!

We hope you trust us and give us the chance to proof our amazing quality level!

Out-call massage

You can order us to travel to your hotel or private apartment. Just check erotic hotel massage and call us!

In-call massage

We have a studio in Figueretes. So you can also come to visit us at our massage studio.

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