Couples Massage Ibiza

Since Ibiza is a holidays destination you're probably traveling together with your significant half.

It's time to enjoy learning —together!

Tantra massage is the perfect choice to explore the possibilities together.

Three-some massage

One therapist to share is on the most requested Tantra sessions here in Ibiza.

Some of our female therapists are very expert in serving couples. You don't need to be just bisexual though! There is a training and a talent needed to perform this service!

Two therapists

Some couples though choose to have one therapist for each. Please feel free to choose two ladies or a female and a male masseur!

You are always allowed to touch us all over our bodies!

Couples Massage Ibiza Prices

Since this experience is meant to be sexy and hot, we offer the most elaborate package for the couples.

Please not that the prices for one masseuse and two need to be different.

One therapist for couples

60 minutes: 350 €

90 minutes: 500 €

120 minutes: 700 €

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Two therapists for a couple

60 minutes: 500 €

90 minutes: 700 €

120 minutes: 999 €

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Other massages

Please have in mind the other massages are individual therapies, so not to share with more people in one room.

Relaxing massage

This is just our starting point!

Price and description

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Prostate massage

Break the taboo and unlock this sublime new pleasure!

Price and description

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Ibiza escorts price

Please call us to check the prices for full sex services. Including not only erotic massage but also oral sex and full intercourse.

Check our Ibiza escorts here.

Prices of massage in Ibiza

All our massage menus are incredibly amazing! What is your main preference?