Erotic lingam massage Ibiza

Lingam massage in Ibiza

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for "penis". Differently from our western culture, the view of this male gender organ is not restraint to sex and pleasure: it is a "magic wand" of light and creative energy.

Lingam massage is a relevant part of erotic Tantra massage. It is present in all of our massage menus. Relaxing massage, medium erotic massage and of course in our extremely erotic massage. In this last menu you can enjoy it twice and also achieve ejaculation twice.

The goal of lingam massage

The first goal of lingam massage is achieving a very relaxing state of pleasure. The man enjoying it has to do no effort at all, just lay back and letting the masseuse work for him in a gentle and pleasant way.

Now you are in Ibiza you shouldn't miss it! It is much better that regular sex.

Lingam massage grips

There are dozens of lingam massage grips. All of our expert erotic Tantra masseuses master this discipline. They underwent a specific training to learn and perfect all the most pleasing erotic techniques to massage your penis.

Lingam massage and ejaculation

Orgasm and ejaculation is not the only purpose. Many times it comes as a side effect if the job is correctly done. You are welcomed to ask for orgasm and climax, our ladies are trained to serve you with the most blissful and sweet lingam massage —for your pleasure.

Therapy effects of lingam massage

The real purpose of ligam masage is your relaxation. Your mind will probably get empty and then focus on a special and rare oasis where your thoughts drift to a pleasing landscape of peace, pleasure and a blissful emptiness. Worries are forgotten and you will enjoy a very deserved time of abandoning yourself. You will forget stress and job.

Lingam massage in Ibiza served with hands and body

Lingam massage can be served with the masseuses' hands or even using their body and breasts

Relax and receive

Lingam massage is about a different experience. Men usually have to give some intense bodywork and sometimes feel a bit exhausted or lazy when it comes to sex. Why don't enjoy it the other way around.

Receiving lingam massage

Lingam massage allows men to lay back just for once to enjoy the comfort zone of receiving.

Before a lingam massage it is always a good idea to have a full body shower. Including penis hygiene.

Lay back on a soft mattress, on top of some nice pillows. Breathe slowly and deeply to achieve a previous relaxation.

Lingam to disconnect your mind

When receiving a lingam massage don't worry about your penis going soft or hard, just disconnect from it and let go. It is normal that your penis will go hard and soft many times during the session, your masseuse knows what she is doing and has control on it. Trust her.

Several climaxes

You may experience different kinds of orgasms, with and without ejaculation. Orgasm is possible without ejaculating semen.

After a blissful lingam massage you will feel released and much better. As if the air is thinner and clean, as if you recharged your inner energies. You will feel empowered and successful. And renewed!

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Erotic lingam massage Ibiza