Erotic massage Ibiza Mey

Erotic massage in your Ibiza hotel

These words say it all: erotic massage performed in Ibiza.

And as a hotel massage, it takes place right in your hotel room. Privacy, secrecy, discretion and top sensual pleasure!

Isn't this the maximum convenience for you?

You know what a therapy massage is about. Now get totally naked and let us young sexy ladies touch your whole body. Not just your back or your hands.

Tantric massage Ibiza

We will massage your feet, legs, inside your legs, your testicles, your buttocks and also your penis. This is what we call "Tantric massage".

All of our massage grips have the intention and the attitude of arousing your sexual energies, stimulating your libido, your desire of sexual pleasure and taking you to an amazing and blissful climax.

Trust us to enjoy this amazing service right in your room!

You can read our testimonials to check what other customers said about us previously.

Please plan ahead if you choose a specific masseuse lady. Book as soon as possible so we can serve you right in time to fulfill your highest quality massage service expectations.

For your pleasure!

Once you are in Ibiza you shouldn't miss it!

We use more than just our hands

Do we just use our hands? Hell no! We use all of our bodies.

Erotic Tantra massage means we use all of our bodies to perform the hottest body to body or nuru-massage. This means we had to undergo a very specific training.

Tantra massage sessions take a minimum time of 60 minutes. During this time we work on your sexual energies to get more and more intense, until you achieve an amazing climax. A powerful climax. A long climax, with a very abundant ejaculation.

But we don't use our mouth nor our intimate sexual parts to stimulate your body. We do use our breasts for a long time on top of your body in the hottest extremely erotic massage.

Erotic massage is what it claims to be

Please have in mind that we masseuses are no escorts. We don't want to work as that job for our personal reasons and we are not changing our mind today.

We are quite sure you know what those ladies offer in those service. To perform their job they may take 10-15 minutes to take you to climax.

The big quality difference in erotic massage!

Our job, as we said before, takes at least 60 minutes. This is a big difference. Not just about the time but the quality of our bodywork!

We are also socially different. We dress as regular young ladies. We are not stopped at the hotel lobbies because of our looks.

Erotic massage Ibiza Mey